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Create a Band!

Post  Mega Bear on Thu Aug 04, 2011 5:56 am

Ever wanted to be manager of a world famous rock band? How about the newest pop sensation? Now you can! Simply fill out the form below to create your fantasy band, and watch as the millions of imaginary dollars flow into your pocket! (NOTE: You don't even get imaginary dollars, just the satisfaction of having a fantasy band.) You must include what band the person you selected was most well known from being in.

Name of Band:
Vocals (One person):
Guitar (One or Two people):

Here's mine! It's a rock band, featuring some of the biggest classic rock icons ever.
Name of Band: Columbus (Parody of Boston and Chicago).
Vocals: Sting (The Police).
Guitar: Syd Barrett (Pink Floyd) and Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin).
Drums: Phil Collins (Genesis, and wrote "In the Air Tonight).
Keyboard: Elton John (Wrote "Rocket Man," and "Bennie and the Jets").

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